Dominican Sisters of Bethany

We believe in the future.

We are the Dominican Sisters of Bethany - What does that mean?

We are united by our faith in God, but we are much more than that: We are a community in which every voice counts. A community you can rely on. Because community comes first for us!

Whether praying together, playing or making music, cooking, gardening or even talking about God and the world.

Our motto: Faith in the future

We believe in the future. What is meant by this? We hope even when the situation seems hopeless. We believe in God and in the fact that there is a future for everyone with God.

Justified by our origin, we want to help especially women, children and young people in need and to provide them with a future. That is why we are involved in these areas, for example with our Bethanien Children's Villages.

We are looking forward to the future, to new ways and are open to change.

Make up your own mind

Therefore, everyone is cordially invited to visit the Dominican Sisters of Bethany and see for themselves what we are like! Just call or write!

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Become a sister


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Sr. Barbara Offermann OP
Tel.: 0049(0)2204 / 2002 - 807

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Prioress General
Sr. Katharina Hemmers OP
Tel: 0049(0)2163 / 4902 - 767

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Novice Mistress
Sr. Hannah Rita Laue OP
Tel.: 00371 / 26643 - 372

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