General Chapter: Sister discusses
February 15, 2017
General Chapter: Sister celebrates
February 17, 2017

"Who accepts this article? Who is against it? Who abstains?"

I don't know how many times I have heard these words today! Honestly? There are more exciting things than revising the structure part of his constitutions. But anyway...

Then it's break time, but the sign on the door of the meeting room reminds us to still read the two minutes that are to be adopted tomorrow morning. Fortunately, our moderators then had mercy and extended the break a bit. Yesterday they even treated us to an outdoor work session, which was great!

The liturgy also brings real color into the desert of letters: our red carpet in the chapel is rolled out further and further. Yesterday came the Illustration of the Gospel of the Healing of the Blind in addition, today two pictures of a Eucharistic celebration at the fence between Mexico and the USA. I find it so enriching that different sisters prepare the liturgy, because each one has different interests and a different style, so we always get new suggestions.

But now I'll wrap up, the editorial team is about to meet. Tomorrow, the tendency votes are to become the final votes. That still requires a bit of fine-tuning.

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  1. Sr.Wilma Schür says:

    thank you for these reports, all the best and God's blessing

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