Day 4: Do instead of leave
March 9, 2019
Day 5: Be holy!
March 11, 2019

"Yes, how? Coffee? Aren't you fasting?" - "Yes, but today is Sunday. And feast days are not fast days."

In my family, a bunch of celebrations fall in March - which means they often fall during Lent. That's why I learned as a child that you don't have to fast on certain days during Lent, even if you want to faithfully and obediently follow the rules of the church.

Who may not believe this (and has no catechism at hand) needs only to count the days: From Ash Wednesday to Holy Saturday, inclusive, there are 46 days. But the pre-Easter penitential period lasts 40 days - in memory of Jesus' 40 days in the desert. The six Sundays of Lent are pauses. Sometimes it is really nice to be Catholic...

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