Day 25: God all the way down
April 3, 2019
Day 27: it's getting tight
April 5, 2019

When someone says or does something outrageous, they have to legitimize themselves. Where are you coming from? Who is your client?

So it is with Jesus: his words and deeds are scandalous, people demand a warrant. And Jesus enumerates: John the Baptist bears witness to me. My miracles bear witness to me. The holy scriptures bear witness to me. Finally, this enumeration culminates in the statement:

I have come in the name of my Father,
and yet you reject me.
But if another comes in his own name,
you will acknowledge him.
How can you come to believe
if you receive your honor from one another,
but do not seek the glory that comes from the one God?

John 5:43 f.

That made me think of DSDS and all the shows where people try to achieve fame in one way or another: through their knowledge or their voice or some other achievement or skill. Fascinated by wowing and impressing each other, we revolve around ourselves and give each other the credit. I think that's how humans have always been. No wonder that someone who breaks out of this system and receives his honor from outside, from God, seems incomprehensible or even annoying to some.

"How can you come to believe..." - yes, how? It seems to be at least partly in our hands.

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