Day 39: He's dead!
April 19, 2019
Everything new!
April 21, 2019

On Good Friday and Holy Saturday the church is changed, somehow incomplete:
the holy water basins are empty, the tabernacle is open and empty.
So we don't make genuflection and sign of the cross at the entrance.
The church seems almost a profane place - is God still here?

And yet this church is my home.
I go to my place as always,
even if I don't feel God's presence right now.
I sing and pray as always,
even if not every line means something to me.
I join in the choir and listen to the others,
Even if I am not one with all of them.

And hope that the emptiness I feel,
will turn into the joy of resurrection.
I hope that the miracle of life
Will break the narrow confines of my mind.
I hope that all of us together will
will one day join in an Easter Hallelujah
so enthusiastically and joyfully
that it drowns out all disharmony.

Come, Lord, victor over sin and death!
We, who are your church, need you and your new life so urgently.

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