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Rainbow bandage and knee
June 29, 2021
Shooting stars and other wish granters
August 14, 2021

I'm getting old. So, not because of the white hair or knees, back or something. The shoulder is also better again - thanks for asking! No, it's all okay, actually. I mean something else: I am gradually oldschool! Normally I'm still able to cope quite well, I know what's going on. At least with the things I need to know. Of course, there's a lot of newfangled stuff that I don't really get anymore, but I don't need to understand everything. If I really need and want to know something, then I ask.

That's why I have now asked a young woman if she can help us with our homepage. She is great, has a completely different view. And she knows a lot about things that I only knew the name of before, e.g. SEO optimization. That's incredibly important! It's all about how well Google finds my text and how high up it appears in the search results. I even understand that, and I'm happy to get involved in that stuff, too. But honestly? I don't really understand it in depth!

Why, for example, does Google rank me higher if my text has at least 300 words? It could be that the text has completed its optimal arc of tension with 297 words! Or?

Or why does Google find me better if I repeat my keyword at least twice in the text, including once in the first paragraph? I thought that's what a search engine is for, to find a word even if it appears only once in a text!

And why must I not have declared this keyword before in other texts? I've been blogging for 11 years, in words eleven!(Here it goes to my very first text) A luck that I start with the self-optimization only now. I don't even know that many keywords....

So, now the text is long enough, only an internal link is missing. Why ever Google wants to have that!!! Anyway, it brings me to an article in which I do not sound so oldschool. Maybe I'll make it to the self-optimized writing sister someday.

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