Tasks of the Dominican Sisters of Bethany

The first mission of the Dominican Sisters of Bethany is community life. We entered the Order to encounter one another as sisters, to share our lives with one another, and to discover together who God is for us, what He enables us to do, and where He is sending us.

Share life

It's not always easy to bring all the different ideas together, but that can also be very enriching. Often something completely new comes out of it. Something that no one had thought of before, but in which everyone can find themselves.

There we feel something of the Spirit of God, who is love and creates something new, who breaks down fronts and makes life bubble up.

Tasks of the Dominican Sisters of Bethany

We cannot and do not want to keep such experiences to ourselves. We want to share them with many people. Where and how depends very much on the interests and talents of the individual, the abilities that are available in a specific community and the needs of the society in which we currently live. We became known through our Bethanien Children's Villages. Today, the Dominican Sisters of Bethany work in various fields: as pastoral caregivers, educators, musicians, mediators, caregivers for the elderly, in the house and garden, and, and, and.

We define ourselves less by a particular task than by the attitude in which we perform our respective tasks. 

Tasks of the Dominican Sisters of Bethany

Our attitude

  • Recognizing an opportunity in guilt
  • Never give up on anyone
  • Enter into reliable relationships
  • Enduring powerlessness in solidarity
  • Taking unconventional paths as well
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