December 24 2015

Your light comes - Christmas Eve

Today is Christmas. Well, this morning is of course still a lot to do and prepare. But tonight... In the past, they gave presents on the first holiday. There [...]
October 23, 2015

False testimony

The other day I stumbled across a picture on Facebook showing several rows of charred human corpses, apparently Africans. From the caption, it appeared to be a [...]
October 14, 2015

Addendum to the Oktoberfest

I have been given a heart. Finally! For once in my life I got a gingerbread heart with the wonderful words "I love you!" made of cherry flavored icing. [...]
October 12, 2015

Synod at first hand

Now the Synod on the Family has begun in Rome - and I missed it! Because of my retreat, I have not yet noticed anything about it and will still [...]
October 11, 2015

Charity with fear of contact

The other day there was an interesting little exchange of words on facebook. It was about whether we make a difference between Christian and Muslim refugees. I [...]
October 8, 2015

Spiritual exercises

While this post (hopefully) goes online automatically, I am completely offline. I'm on a retreat in a contemplative Dominican monastery in the Osnabrück region. Retreat? What does [...]
October 5, 2015

Thanksgiving in the Children's Village

On Sunday we celebrated Thanksgiving. This is always very colorful in the Children's Village, a beautiful celebration because it is so vivid. Children do not have to think long, [...]
October 3, 2015

A wall woodpecker has silver festival

Has it really been 25 years already? I mean: for those who have not yet completed a quarter of a century, it is already history, but we were there. How [...]
October 2, 2015

"Our" refugees

They say the mood is changing. The Germans are beginning to feel uneasy about all the refugees. It seems to me that it's time to talk about "our" refugees for a change.