Convent in Bergisch Gladbach - 10 Sisters

In our convent in Bergisch Gladbach-Refrath we are currently 10 sisters. Most of us were active in the Bethanien Children's Village for many years, and of course it is still very close to our hearts today. One of our sisters, Sr. Martha, still leads one of the local Children's Village families today.

How we live

Our sisters' house was built in the middle of the Bethanien Children's Village, closely connected to the church. The architect Gottfried Böhm equipped our convent with many glass walls, because he said that we do not want to close ourselves off, but to be permeable to people, and he was right. That is why the monastery gate is still at the same time the reception of the children's village.

Directly across from the church we also offer various things for the children and adults: a store (the "Candyshop"), the music room "LaTaste" and Sr. Helga's sewing room.

The novitiate is also located in our convent. For this phase of the formation of the Order, a part of the building is specially equipped, because in the novitiate one needs a certain retreat space.

Our prioress is Sr. Hellena.

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