Convents in Waldniel - 16 sisters

Most of the 16 sisters who live in the Waldniel convents are already of retirement age and, as former children's village mothers, have taken on the role of grandmother or even great-grandmother: They were at Bethanien Children's Village for a long time and raised many children there. We like to maintain these relationships; they often last a lifetime. We also take part in the life of the Children's Village and are active in the parish as far as our strength allows.

Our origin continues to exist

One of our sisters regularly goes to prison. This is very important to us because it is the origin of Bethany: We all need forgiveness from time to time and before God everyone has the chance for a new beginning.

Convent in Waldniel

Since 2013, most of our sisters live again in the listed "House Clee". In 1952 our then superior, Mother Imelda, bought it for little money. She was not really interested in the house, but in the wonderful park in which it is situated. She wanted it so that she could build the children's village. In 1956 she actually put it into operation, and since then it has been growing and thriving. The park with its pond is eagerly used and loved by all who live here.

The somewhat younger sisters live in another building on the same grounds, in the Convent Jean Joseph. 

Our Prioresses are Sr. Lydia (Mary in Clover) and Sr. Jordana (Jean Joseph)

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