Accompaniment of religious chapters and other (larger) assemblies, Change processes in religious communities, Mediation and counseling

Are you, as a religious superior or supervisor in the ecclesiastical field, faced with the need to initiate change processes, to prepare the next provincial or general chapter, or to lead your smaller and aging convent of religious into the future? Are you looking for coaching for your team to work purposefully and effectively? Do you wish to be accompanied and helped by someone who knows the problems involved, who can put himself in your place and empathize with your situation?

For about 20 years I have been offering my accompaniment for these and similar occasions and have meanwhile worked with more than two dozen communities - some of them several times and over many years.

When I am invited to an accompaniment, it is most important to me that the respective community finds the solution that suits it, its members and its own tradition. That is why I try to familiarize myself with the particular problem. I do not offer ready-made solutions. But I ask you questions from which you can develop what is suitable for you and your situation yourself.

I have been a member of the Congregation of the Dominican Sisters of Bethany-Venlo since 1975. Born in Westphalia, I have lived mainly on the Lower Rhine for about 45 years. By basic training I am a social worker. For more than 30 years I was the Provincial and later the General Secretary of our Congregation. In 1997 - 1999 I participated in the two-year training initiated by the VOD (Vereinigung der Ordensoberinnen Deutschlands) to accompany chapters and processes of change in religious communities. The best preparation for my current task, for which I have been freed since 2011, was undoubtedly the experience within my own community in the preparation, implementation and follow-up of chapters at various levels and the 20 years of membership in the General Administration of our Congregation. In 2012 I obtained the degree "Master of Mediation" at the FernUni Hagen (certification 2017).


Phone: 02163 / 49 02 - 758
Mail: Sr. Laetitia Röckemann OP

Dominican of Bethany
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