December 1, 2019

Sister starts the advent

Whew, is it really the first of Advent already? I don't know about you, but I kind of stumbled into it this year. At the same time, we're celebrating our [...]
December 24 2017

Dominican Advent 24

When people love each other dearly, they tend to exchange their clothes with each other. God took on our garment so that He might be truly, actually and essentially human [...].
December 23 2017

Dominican Advent 23

Only then is man's will immune to sin when his mind is immune to ignorance and error. Thomas Aquinas Summa contra Gentiles [...]
December 22, 2017

Dominican Advent 22

Only then, when you are totally committed to the cause of man (which God has just made his in Jesus), whether you [...]
December 21, 2017

Dominican Advent 21

God is honored by silence, not because we could say nothing of Him, or know nothing, but because we realize that we are far from [...]
December 20, 2017

Dominican Advent 20

We are at home there and we belong there, where we discover that we are stronger than we believed and weaker than we wanted to admit. [...]
19 December 2017

Dominican Advent 19

He who seeks the truth will also find comfort. But he who first seeks consolation will find only wishful dreams. Rochus Spiecker quoted by G. Bramlage, Dom.Wegbegleitung, p.43
December 18, 2017

Dominican Advent 18

The purpose of our studies is not merely to disseminate information, but to realize the birth of Christ in our world. Our studies are not so [...]
December 17, 2017

Dominican Advent 17

Our study, attention to the Word of God, should release the sources of our fruitfulness in bringing Christ into our world. In the midst of a world that often [...]