December 24, 2016

Advent tour (almost) at the finish

As colleagues were gradually saying goodbye to Christmas break over the past few days, one said, "Next year, Christmas Eve and the fourth Sunday of Advent fall [...]
December 23, 2016

Advent tour with place cards

We are entering the hot phase of the pre-Christmas season: yesterday, Children's Village mother Marlene and I made the seat reservations for Christmas Mass in our chapel. I love it! [...]
December 22, 2016

Advent tour with longing

These days in the liturgy we sing the so-called "O Antiphons", beautiful centuries-old melodies with which the coming Savior is sung. Tonight, the following text [...]
December 21, 2016

Advent tour in the final spurt

Uff, despite the horrors at home and abroad, it is nevertheless gradually approaching the Christmas final spurt in the household. Have you already bought everything? Also for [...]
December 20, 2016

Advent tour in mourning

from Psalm 140 Save me, Lord, from evil men, from violent people protect me! For they plot evil in their hearts; every day they stir up [...]
December 19, 2016

Advent tour with people

The new work week is starting, the last one before Christmas. Who will I meet? What will happen? Especially the commuters have already in the early [...]
December 18, 2016

Advent tour without candles

Actually, today I wanted to post a picture with a beautiful Advent wreath, with four really bright beautiful candles. But then I visited someone in the hospital, and [...]
December 17, 2016

Advent tour with rest

Tired. I am so tired. I can practically feel that my body is heading for the final battle against an army of viruses. But it doesn't help: the [...]
December 16, 2016

Advent tour with fainting

In all churches, the nativity scenes are currently being set up, also in our monastery and children's village chapel in Schwalmtal. Now those who come to Mass on Sundays experience [...]