April 17, 2022


"Christ is risen!" - "He is truly risen. Hallelujah!" This is the old greeting at Easter, in Latvia it is still quite common. I love this [...]
August 15, 2021

Maria? OMG!

Today the Catholic Church celebrates a feast with which I could not do much for a long time: We celebrate that Mary went to heaven with body and soul [...]
April 24, 2019

Double Easter

As I told you yesterday, during the Easter Vigil I had to decide whether to join in the celebration in the Children's Village or in the parish. This is not [...]
May 5, 2017

Farewell with whooping

Now I've been to a sad funeral for the second time in eight days. Well, funerals are never funny, but there are worse [...]
November 2, 2016

A place for the dead

Today, on All Souls' Day, we remember our dead. Yes, I know, most of them were already at the cemetery yesterday, me too, because it was a holiday and we [...]
March 29, 2016


Yesterday at Family Mass we read the Gospel of Emmaus. Every Easter Monday it is the turn of the narrative of the two disciples who left Jerusalem [...]
April 6, 2015