October 30, 2016

Luther today

Pope Francis has said*: "Luther took a great step when he put the Word of God into the hands of the people." I know the context of this [...]
May 18, 2016

Just ask... about the goodness

Ask the Sister, Part 25: What is a good person from a Catholic point of view? The starting point for this question was a sentence by Peter Rosegger, which I [...]
April 12, 2016

Just ask ... about interreligious dialogue!

Ask the sister, part 24: "For me there is only one God. Then why should everyone insist on his and not tell other people [...].
December 31, 2015

Look (not) back

In the Old Testament it is told that Lot has to flee with his family (again an escape story! But that only in brackets...). God wants the city of Sodom [...]
June 22, 2015

Sacred places

 On June 17, in Charleston, USA, a 21-year-old white man attended a Bible study at a Methodist church and then, apparently out of racist motives, killed nine of the black members of the congregation [...]
February 13, 2015

Just ask... about infant baptism!

Ask the sister, part 9: Is it true that baby baptism is not valid, thus not according to God, because it is not biblical? Ui, that [...]