July 8, 2021

Oldschool or optimized?

I'm getting old. So, not because of the white hair or knees, back or something. The shoulder is also better again - thanks for asking! No, that [...]
April 3, 2017

Sister is back - bright white!

Hello, here I am again! You have probably wondered where I am. After the General Chapter I had to take a breather and sort some things out - not [...]
October 12, 2015

Synod at first hand

Now the Synod on the Family has begun in Rome - and I missed it! Because of my retreat, I have not yet noticed anything about it and will still [...]
September 26, 2015

The cardinal and the blogger

For those who haven't noticed, the Catholic blogging scene is on a rampage. Because we don't get enough attention. Because Cardinal Marx said at a press conference that he [...]
August 14, 2015


Vacation! From now on I am on vacation. Uh, what now? Sister? Vacation? Does it fit? Yes. Oh yes! And maybe, just maybe, if I feel very much like it [...]
April 18, 2015

Another anniversary

Our big jubilee year, 100 years of Dominican Sisters of Bethany Venlo, is just over, and there is already something to celebrate. Well, admittedly, this jubilee is [...]