April 24, 2019

Double Easter

As I told you yesterday, during the Easter Vigil I had to decide whether to join in the celebration in the Children's Village or in the parish. This is not [...]
April 18, 2019

Day 38: Mourning

Today, in our Order, the traditional Funeral Masses begin. We sing them in the morning instead of Lauds, and they last almost an hour. When I was a new [...]
December 18, 2017

Dominican Advent 18

The purpose of our studies is not merely to disseminate information, but to realize the birth of Christ in our world. Our studies are not so [...]
December 17, 2017

Dominican Advent 17

Our study, attention to the Word of God, should release the sources of our fruitfulness in bringing Christ into our world. In the midst of a world that often [...]
May 5, 2016


I admit: I have a hard time with today's feast "Ascension Day". But it is biblical through and through! The Gospel of Luke ends with the [...]
January 5, 2016

Just ask... about faith!

Ask the Sister, Part 19: Does a Christian really have to believe in God? "I don't believe in God, but I am a better Christian [...].
February 5, 2015

Just ask ... about the fish!

"Ask the Sister," Part 7: Why is the fish actually such an important symbol for Christians? Indeed, the fish is, [...].