11. März 2023

Todestag oder Geburtstag

Normalerweise feiert die Kirche bei besonderen Menschen den Todestag, denn das ist der Geburtstag im Himmel. So war es auch bei dem Gründer der Dominikanerinnen von […]
February 3, 2023
General Management

The new general management

Today was the election of the new general management. It went faster than expected, I can tell you that much. And that's not because we don't have a choice [...].
February 2, 2023


Today is Candlemas - at least that's what it's called in the vernacular. Ecclesiastically it is actually called "Presentation of the Lord". We are celebrating something that happened far before [...]
February 1, 2023

Another report...

And another report! After yesterday's detailed discussion of the Prioress General's report, this morning it was the turn of the Economist to tell us about the [...]
31. Januar 2023


Am ersten Tag des Kapitels trägt die Generalpriorin ihren Rechenschaftsbericht vor. Das heißt, sie stellt noch einmal zusammengefasst dar, was in den vergangenen sechs Jahren in […]
January 30, 2023

The chapter is opened

Each of our chapters opens with a worship service. That is why we also say: we "celebrate" a chapter. At the General Chapter, we have a whole day of reflection beforehand. Come [...]
29. Januar 2023

Sister ist wieder da

Hallo! Kennt ihr mich noch? Vor einiger Zeit war ich länger hier unterwegs und habe mich überall eingemischt. Der Einfachheit halber heiße ich Sister. Eine Weile […]
December 22, 2022
You can leave the church, but it is first a community of prayer

Why I would most like to leave the church....

Why I would love to leave the church... I am angry and sad and at a loss. So much so that I would like to leave the church [...].
July 17, 2022

"Mother Foundress"

Our countdown has been counting down to the 200th birthday of Mother Henri Dominique, "Mother Foundress". Actually we are founded by one man, the Dominican Father Lataste. [...]