December 22, 2021

December 22: Morning star

For God's promises shine like a light in the darkness until the day dawns and the rising morning star shines in your hearts... 2 Peter 1:19 [...]
19 December 2021

December 19: Fourth Advent

A rice grows out of the stump of Jesse's tree, a young shoot from its roots bears fruit. Isaiah 11, 1 The prophet Isaiah announces a prince of peace, [...].
December 18, 2016

Advent tour without candles

Actually, today I wanted to post a picture with a beautiful Advent wreath, with four really bright beautiful candles. But then I visited someone in the hospital, and [...]
December 18, 2015

Your light comes - December 18

There can be not only big lights. The big ones shine far away, but the small ones warm. Karl Heinrich Waggerl Why do we cover the dark season [...]
December 2, 2015

Your light comes - December 2

Candle, you beautiful symbol of our life, which consumes itself burning for others, and desires only one thing from the Creator, that its gift may not remain in vain, [...].
December 1, 2015

Your light comes - December 1

It is so dark! Wherever I look there is nothing but misery, need, despair, horror, injustice... What shall I do? What should I do against the war in [...]