September 25, 2020


Yesterday I asked a fellow sister, "Can I read you my First Communion catechesis for a minute? I just finished." She agreed, and I got started, still [...]
May 4, 2019

Head of the Church

This week really happened: The family of our First Communion child, Peter (name changed), is playing a knowledge quiz at home. Question: "Who is the head of the Catholic Church?" Peter: "God." [...]
May 4, 2018

Preliminary program

I'm sorry I've been writing so little lately, but it's not because I have too little to report, it's just that [...]
May 19, 2015

First Communion in the Children's Village

The other day we had a really special celebration in the Children's Village: Jenni* had decided to become Catholic. This happens quite often with us. Children and [...]