July 5, 2017

Sister continues to wonder

The day before yesterday I wrote about marriage and about the fact that in my opinion the Basic Law wants to protect the children more than the spouses. Now the homosexual couples could [...]
December 3, 2015

Your light comes - December 3

Some years ago (it must have been shortly after my novitiate) I was at the university in Utrecht, the Netherlands, for three weeks for a course. [...]
October 12, 2015

Synod at first hand

Now the Synod on the Family has begun in Rome - and I missed it! Because of my retreat, I have not yet noticed anything about it and will still [...]
September 7, 2015

India on the Rhine

What do you show guests from India when they have planned four days for the home region on their trip to Europe? At the moment, one of my aunts, her [...]