February 17, 2021

Fasting without celebrations???

A friend asked me the other day, "Is Lent actually allowed if Carnival is cancelled beforehand?" We were very amused by this, because of course Carnival is originally [...]
February 25, 2020

Ashes to ashes

It's that time again: Tomorrow is Ash Wednesday, and I need ashes for my school service. This time I made them myself - which was surprisingly difficult. [...]
April 20, 2019

Day 40: Rest in the grave

On Good Friday and Holy Saturday the church is changed, somehow incomplete: the holy water basins are empty, the tabernacle is open and empty. So we don't do genuflection and [...].
April 19, 2019

Day 39: He's dead!

I used to dislike Good Friday. A holiday on which you can't do everything - stupid! Only in the Order did I get to know how intensively one [...]
April 18, 2019

Day 38: Mourning

Today, in our Order, the traditional Funeral Masses begin. We sing them in the morning instead of Lauds, and they last almost an hour. When I was a new [...]
April 17, 2019

Day 37: See

Jesus took the blind man by the hand, led him outside the village, put saliva on his eyes, laid his hands on him, and asked him, [...].
April 16, 2019

Day 36: Thoughts

In those days, the disciples had forgotten to take bread with them when they left. This is how practical things can sometimes be in the Gospel! But Jesus warned them: Beware [...]
April 13, 2019

Day 34: one for all

Caiaphas said to the high council, "It is better for you if one man dies for the people than if the whole nation perishes." cf. [...].
April 12, 2019

Day 33: the works of the Father

Jesus' preaching was scandalous. Many pious Jews took offense and wanted to stone him for blasphemy. He replied: Believe at least the works [that I preach in the name of [...].