July 14, 2018

Just ask... about evil

After a long break, we continue one of our series: Ask the sister, part 31: Would you give yourself to a fundamentally evil person [...]
November 27, 2017

Just ask... about Advent!

Ask the sister, part 30: "Is it Advent already?" On the net, this question pops up again and again, all too understandable, especially since today is already [...]
May 22, 2017

Ask... about the world

Recently, I was asked by students of a Catholic high school regarding my religious life, "Don't you think it's unworldly to distance yourself from natural society like that?" [...]
April 5, 2017

Ask... for the Dominican Republic

Today I was at a rather interesting meeting with students from an eleventh grade class. In the picture you can see them still playing a warm-up game. They had many [...]
July 18, 2016

Just ask... about the chaos!

Ask the Sister, Part 27: Who Created Chaos? I was asked this question some time ago. At that time, I had been talking about [...]
February 14, 2016

PEFECA practical

Sundays are not fasting days, and so today we take a break in our fasting series. Because I still have a supplement to the article from the third of February. Since [...]
January 26, 2016

Just ask... about the natural sciences!

Ask the Sister, Part 21: Can the Church's teaching keep pace with the natural sciences and remain up-to-date? The origin of this question is clear: while [...]
September 24, 2015

Just ask... about prayer!

Ask the sister, part 16 This time there is a "quite sacrilegious question", as the questioner warns. I do not find that, but understand why [...]
August 31, 2015

Just ask... for a vacation!

Ask the sister, part 15: How do sisters actually take a vacation and what do they need a vacation from? To be honest, at first I was offended because I thought [...]