February 23, 2021

Catholic-Left Mainstream

I don't normally whine about the left-wing mainstream, and I'm not doing so now. But I have to wonder, yes, wonder a little. There was [...]
May 16, 2019

Poor Maria 2.0

Today I talked with the children about Mary in the school service. And sang a Marian song. Except for the organist, there were only women and children in the [...]
March 8, 2018

Again: Women in the Church

On the occasion of International Women's Day, Domradio also wanted to know from me (while I was there) what I think of the role of [...]
January 18, 2018

Sisters Square - Supplement

In the last three days I have written things that must have annoyed many. Therefore, I would like to add one more: I am very aware that the [...]
January 17, 2018

Sisters place in the church III

The community of believers becomes alive when each one contributes what he or she has received from God in gifts and charisms. This is how we can do it in [...]
January 16, 2018

Sisters place in the church II

Yesterday I told about my search for the right "pitch" in the liturgy, which is also a bit of a symbol of my role in the Church [...].
January 15, 2018

Sisters place in the church I

Much has been said, argued and written about the role of women in the church. For Christmas, I even got a book by Christiane Florin [...]
December 30, 2017

Weekend with Jesus

Stand up and stand in the middle! Invitation to all women who are or want to become friends of Jesus. Here is more info.
December 15, 2017

Dominican Advent 15

We can speak about the dignity of women, but our words will carry no weight unless we are seen as an order in which men [...].