August 16, 2019

Magnificat II: Liberated?

Yesterday I wrote here about the Magnificat, the "Decalogue of Mary". It made it clear to me anew how much Christianity is a religion of [...].
August 15, 2019


This morning I heard a sermon that gave me a surprisingly new perspective on our religion. After 20 years as a professional Catholic, something like that is rare [...]
May 17, 2017

Sister in search of true greatness

To be honest: I am confused. In Berlin, the so-called neutrality law has been in place since 2005, prohibiting teachers, police officers, and judicial employees from wearing religious symbols on duty [...].
January 23, 2017

Lying Press in American

"You don't trust the press, do you?" This question was asked yesterday by someone I hold in very high esteem, a clever mind, educated, well-read. I would never have given him [...]
January 20, 2017


The other day I was talking with a Facebook friend about Facebook friendships. We agreed that the English word "friends" is more like the German word "Bekannte", which [...]
January 4, 2017


Yesterday, a teenager from our Children's Village, let's call her Cindy, came and said to me, upset, "They have to finally decide what they want!" [...]
December 2, 2016

Advent tour with given occasion

Yes, I'm terribly sorry, but I have to interrupt our reflection for a moment. On Thursday, the French Parliament debated a bill proposed by the Socialists, Radio Vatican [...]
August 27, 2016

The burkini - or the right to dress

No, it's not just about a piece of cloth. When police officers on the beaches in France check whether the women are also naked enough, it's [...]
March 8, 2016

I wish... Independence

No, I don't think of Martin Luther King or Mahatma Gandhi first when I hear this term. They are only the tip of man's striving for independence. It starts [...]