January 27, 2022

Catholics: Break or departure?

Normally I don't like the gender asterisk, really not at all, but today it has to be. Today I put it out of respect for the 125 Catholics who have [...]
August 16, 2019

Magnificat II: Liberated?

Yesterday I wrote here about the Magnificat, the "Decalogue of Mary". It made it clear to me anew how much Christianity is a religion of [...].
March 29, 2019

Day 21: The most important commandment

What is your most important rule of life? Most of us would probably have to think pretty hard. Our lives are full of rules, norms, and laws - how can we [...]
March 27, 2019

Day 19: Fulfillment

Again and again, religious people argue about rules and regulations - and their interpretation. Then it is said that Jesus has relativized everything and given it a new [...].
March 16, 2019

Day 10: nothing special...

Sometimes someone says that Jesus commanded us to love our neighbor. But this commandment is much older. In today's Gospel Jesus is (as yesterday) in dispute with the [...]
March 15, 2019

Day 9: You godless fool!

Language has power. Once a word has been spoken, it cannot be retrieved. It has an effect. In today's Gospel, Jesus relativizes the law of the ancients, that is, the Mosaic law. [...]
March 11, 2019

Day 5: Be holy!

The Old Testament is full of laws and regulations. Quite tiring in the long run. But in today's reading, I sit up and take notice every time it is read as a [...]
October 20, 2017

Me too?

With the hashtag #metoo (me too), more and more women have been pointing out for some time that they have been sexually assaulted. This does not necessarily [...]
February 2, 2015

Just ask... about the death penalty!

Continuing with our series "Ask the sister", part 6. Some time ago I was asked the following tricky question: When "the Jews" [...]