July 17, 2022

"Mother Foundress"

Our countdown has been counting down to the 200th birthday of Mother Henri Dominique, "Mother Foundress". Actually we are founded by one man, the Dominican Father Lataste. [...]
May 26, 2022

More dead than alive?

The motto of the Katholikentag is "Sharing life" - but many people today experience the church as dead rather than alive. This gave us the idea of sharing our [...]
April 4, 2019

Day 26: A question of honor

When someone says or does something outrageous, they have to legitimize themselves. Where are you coming from? Who is your client? It's the same with Jesus: his words [...]
April 1, 2019

Day 23: on suspicion

"It can't do any harm" - that's what you sometimes think when you try some remedy that you don't really believe in, but which is also harmless to [...]
September 17, 2017

Hit the Luther!

That's the thing about prejudices: Actually, it's always the others who have them, isn't it? But then sometimes you discover that you [...]
June 14, 2017

Demo: What do you believe in?

Tomorrow it's that time again: Countless Catholics will celebrate Mass outdoors and then parade through the streets with canopies and boom-tatas. The annual [...]
January 6, 2016

Just ask... about the catechism!

Ask the sister, part 20: The catechism is totally boring - isn't it completely outdated? And why should the church doctrine for [...]