January 30, 2023

The chapter is opened

Each of our chapters opens with a worship service. That is why we also say: we "celebrate" a chapter. At the General Chapter, we have a whole day of reflection beforehand. Come [...]
December 22, 2022
You can leave the church, but it is first a community of prayer

Why I would most like to leave the church....

Why I would love to leave the church... I am angry and sad and at a loss. So much so that I would like to leave the church [...].
December 16, 2020

Christmas without service

Now it is discussed whether the churches should celebrate services at Christmas. Today one of our confreres, Fr. Thomas Eggensperger OP, commented on this on katholisch.de and [...]
September 27, 2020

Do not be silent!

I have been struggling with my church ever since I grew up. As a young woman I wanted to leave. Celibacy, the male church with its power politics, the infallible pope, all [...]
April 7, 2020

System Relevant

Now there is no way around the realization: our church is not systemically relevant. Actually, we don't believe that, we think we are irreplaceable. But [...]
August 16, 2019

Magnificat II: Liberated?

Yesterday I wrote here about the Magnificat, the "Decalogue of Mary". It made it clear to me anew how much Christianity is a religion of [...].
April 24, 2019

Double Easter

As I told you yesterday, during the Easter Vigil I had to decide whether to join in the celebration in the Children's Village or in the parish. This is not [...]
October 31, 2018

Halloween? Hallooo???

Today I had once again to hold a school service. Third and fourth grade of a Catholic school, the big ones I already know from last year, partly also [...]
May 21, 2018

Pentecost ecumenical

Whit Monday is traditionally in our parish (and not only in ours) a day of special celebration of ecumenism. The Spirit unites all believers, people [...]