February 17, 2021

Fasting without celebrations???

A friend asked me the other day, "Is Lent actually allowed if Carnival is cancelled beforehand?" We were very amused by this, because of course Carnival is originally [...]
April 17, 2019

Day 37: See

Jesus took the blind man by the hand, led him outside the village, put saliva on his eyes, laid his hands on him, and asked him, [...].
April 2, 2019

Day 24: Depression

The biblical stories are always particularly impressive when they meet own experiences. This is not always so easy, because they are in the for [...].
April 1, 2019

Day 23: on suspicion

"It can't do any harm" - that's what you sometimes think when you try some remedy that you don't really believe in, but which is also harmless to [...]
May 8, 2015

The dandelion

A man sought advice from his neighbor, who knew about plants of all kinds. He said, "My garden is really well kept and I have a lot [...].