January 27, 2022

Catholics: Break or departure?

Normally I don't like the gender asterisk, really not at all, but today it has to be. Today I put it out of respect for the 125 Catholics who have [...]
June 13, 2018

Can love be a sin?

Do you still know the old hit song "Kann denn Liebe Sünde sein" by Zarah Leander? It's from a movie from 1938, and actually I lead it [...]
July 5, 2017

Sister continues to wonder

The day before yesterday I wrote about marriage and about the fact that in my opinion the Basic Law wants to protect the children more than the spouses. Now the homosexual couples could [...]
July 3, 2017

Sister wonders about marriage

What I definitely think is missing out in the debate about "marriage for all" are the children. Because Article 6 of the German Basic Law states: [...]
September 21, 2016

Gender madness???

Yes, I know: "Genderwahn" is a bad word and is used by people who want to say bad things. Therefore, to clarify up front: I don't want to say anything evil [...].
June 14, 2016

Orlando and the taboo

Actually, I didn't want to write anything about the massacre in Orlando. What is there to say? Of course I pray for the victims, the dead, injured and [...]
May 29 2015

Defeat of humanity

Actually, I did not want to comment on the topic of gay marriage. The topic is too complex for the relatively short texts of this blog. That's what I thought. But now [...]