October 9, 2020

Eucharist in livestream

The other day I celebrated a mass on livestream. Well, actually it was not a mass, even if it was announced so ("Beat Mass"), but an ecumenical service. So [...]
April 23, 2020

The good in the bad - part two

If I have already started to look for what we can take positive from this crisis, then I also notice the work. I already do [...]
April 7, 2020

System Relevant

Now there is no way around the realization: our church is not systemically relevant. Actually, we don't believe that, we think we are irreplaceable. But [...]
November 14, 2019

social media overkill

Yesterday I was asked in the messenger if everything was okay. One hears nothing more from me. Well, admittedly, at the moment I save [...]
June 1, 2018

The praying heart

"Thou shalt not tweet!" reported MDR on May 17, referring to the "Cor orans" (Praying Heart) directive that the Pope had issued shortly before for the [...]
May 17, 2018

The lore of the orange

The other day I stole. An idea. I gave a catechesis in the school service, using the introduction that my confrere Manuel once gave years ago for [...]...
October 20, 2017

Me too?

With the hashtag #metoo (me too), more and more women have been pointing out for some time that they have been sexually assaulted. This does not necessarily [...]
October 1, 2017

Sister becomes smart

So now I finally have a new smartphone. Actually the first real one, because my current one I got as a gift from a friend, for practice. Really fun [...]
May 22, 2017

Ask... about the world

Recently, I was asked by students of a Catholic high school regarding my religious life, "Don't you think it's unworldly to distance yourself from natural society like that?" [...]