May 18, 2017

Sister and the Believe-O-Mat

The other day I tried out the Believe-O-Mat during my lunch break. It's one of those whimsical games on Facebook where you answer a few questions and then [...]
August 27, 2016

The burkini - or the right to dress

No, it's not just about a piece of cloth. When police officers on the beaches in France check whether the women are also naked enough, it's [...]
July 26, 2016

Bridge builder

So this time a priest, 84 years old, shot while he was saying mass. He had, it was said in the news just now, a good contact [...].
July 20, 2016

Erdogan and the Enlightenment

I am more or less stunned by what is happening in Turkey these days. However, I am not really surprised. Not that I am clairvoyantly gifted or [...]
February 3, 2016


I think I am founding PEFECA, the Patriots of Europe for the Evangelization of the Christian West. To be AGAINST something - e.g. against Islam - is [...]
November 6, 2015

Just ask... about the IS!

Ask the sister, part 17: This time a man asked me about IS, or Islam. We had talked about the refugee crisis [...]
October 23, 2015

False testimony

The other day I stumbled across a picture on Facebook showing several rows of charred human corpses, apparently Africans. From the caption, it appeared to be a [...]
October 2, 2015

"Our" refugees

They say the mood is changing. The Germans are beginning to feel uneasy about all the refugees. It seems to me that it's time to talk about "our" refugees for a change.
July 7, 2015

Because they know what they are doing

Unesco has just named new world cultural heritage sites and at the same time expressed concern about the destruction of ancient cultural monuments by IS. I take this as an opportunity to say something [...]