February 2, 2023


Today is Candlemas - at least that's what it's called in the vernacular. Ecclesiastically it is actually called "Presentation of the Lord". We are celebrating something that happened far before [...]
December 22, 2022
You can leave the church, but it is first a community of prayer

Why I would most like to leave the church....

Why I would love to leave the church... I am angry and sad and at a loss. So much so that I would like to leave the church [...].
May 26, 2022

More dead than alive?

The motto of the Katholikentag is "Sharing life" - but many people today experience the church as dead rather than alive. This gave us the idea of sharing our [...]
April 17, 2022


"Christ is risen!" - "He is truly risen. Hallelujah!" This is the old greeting at Easter, in Latvia it is still quite common. I love this [...]
April 15, 2022
Good Friday in the family service

Good Friday elementary

This year I celebrated Good Friday again twice: at 11:00 with children and at 15:00 classic. In direct comparison it becomes abundantly clear to me why [...]
April 14, 2022
Funeral Masses: an old tradition

Tradition and present

Today we began the Funeral Masses, an old Dominican tradition. I love this form: on the three days of Easter we sing in the morning not only the psalms [...]
January 27, 2022

Catholics: Break or departure?

Normally I don't like the gender asterisk, really not at all, but today it has to be. Today I put it out of respect for the 125 Catholics who have [...]
December 24 2021

December 24: Light of the world

In that region shepherds were camped in the open field, keeping vigil with their flock. Then the angel of the Lord came to them, and the splendor of [...]
December 2, 2021

December 2: No dark

There is really only one place in the world where we do not see darkness. That is the person of Jesus Christ. In Him, God has shown Himself on [...]