August 26, 2016

150 years: arrived in the Order

The Dominican Sisters of Bethany are a small community. Downright tiny. "Small, but mighty!" comes to mind, or "quality instead of quantity" - and there is even [...]
August 22, 2016

150 Years: When Sisters Celebrate...

... there is also something good to eat. In this case Sr. Anna-Maria had outdone herself, supported by many helpers. And the undisputed crowning glory were [...]
August 16, 2016

150 years: back home

Now we are back home after a good two days of heavy anniversary celebrations in Montferrand, France. The impressions are not yet sorted, and I will here only [...]
August 11, 2016

150 years: let's go

Tomorrow morning we leave, with destination Montferrand-le-Chateau near Besancon. I have already written about our 150th anniversary, and now it's [...]
August 3, 2016

150 years ago: a house without bars

Third installment of our anniversary series "150 years ago" In the meantime, the young Dominican Jean Joseph Lataste has thus found a partner for his work Bethany - even if [...]
August 1, 2016

150 years ago: a difficult decision

2nd part of the anniversary series "150 years ago" 150 years ago, the young Dominican Father Lataste had an idea that seemed so revolutionary in the France of the time that he [...]
July 29, 2016

150 years ago: a new idea

An anniversary offers the opportunity to take a break from everyday life, to look back briefly and ask ourselves: what was the whole thing originally about? At this point, [...]
June 6, 2016

Jubilee weekend

The Dominican Order is 800 years old, and as is well known, one must celebrate the feasts as they fall. This anniversary is now so big that it is not only [...]
September 14, 2015

another anniversary

That was a nice celebration: 50 years of Bethanien Children's Village in Eltville-Erbach! Actually, it was more of a family celebration. We didn't need an official ceremony. With us it starts [...]