September 9, 2016

Election campaign in the children's village

I've been in campaign mode since yesterday. We had a meeting of our children's and youth council to prepare for the next election. Who will provide the voting booth? Who [...]
July 8, 2016

Practice democracy

Today in the Children's Village we had our children's and young people's general assembly. We from the Kidorat (five young people, three educators and a sister) had organized it. There were over 70 [...]
July 6, 2016


Today we had a thank you ice cream dinner with our Children's Village Council. We are five youth and four adults (actually the bylaws say "three adults and one sister") and [...]
March 24, 2016

Night on the Mount of Olives

So, what are your plans for today? Today we are going to organize a "Night of the Mount of Olives" with young people from our Children's Village. We will take Jesus' word "Stay here and watch [...]
June 9, 2015


"Great!" "Super!" "All that work really paid off!" "We definitely have to do this again!" "I'm already looking forward to the next youth fair." These are the comments of young people [...]
May 30, 2015

Three in one

Tomorrow is Trinity Sunday. Many people can not do much with the idea of the Trinity. God, the Father, Jesus, the Son and the Holy Spirit - how [...]
March 27, 2015

Compromise in the Kingdom of God

Now the early shifts during Lent are already over for our young people. Next week, most of them will be on the road. At the end we have once again [...]
March 24, 2015

Children of one world

Wow, the last morning shift was pretty dense! We first recalled what we had talked about in the first three weeks of Lent: [...]
March 15, 2015


Our third early shift was about food. In the meantime, we have completed the base: the world is now round. Europe suddenly seems so tiny. And yet [...]