November 1, 2022
We need saints

We need saints

"We need saints in jeans and sneakers. We need saints who go to the movies, listen to music and stroll with their friends." Our countdown has counted down to [...]
September 2, 2022
Money worries because of coffee-to-go?

Money worries

This morning on the radio, a student was asked about her money worries. Everything is getting more expensive, and the state only partially compensates. Some groups of the population are affected [...]
March 10, 2019

1st Fasting... Sunday!

"Yes, how? Coffee? Aren't you fasting?" - "Yes, but today is Sunday. And feast days are not fast days." In my family, a bunch of feasts fall in the [...]
February 12, 2016

I need... something to drink

Oh man, now I need a coffee! Already in the afternoon of Ash Wednesday I asked whining (albeit tongue-in-cheek) whether Lent is not soon over. [...]