February 24, 2022

Alaaf! Really now?

Just now I had a bizarre experience: I stood in the crowd and enthusiastically shouted "Alaaf!". Well, normally that wouldn't be so special, I live in [...]
February 21, 2020

"Command one: laugh!"

No question: Carnival is a controversial topic. While some people train all year long and/or eagerly await 11.11. when it finally starts again, others make [...]
March 4, 2019

Sweets in carnival

"Jesetzlos ävver nit hätzlos" - that was the motto of our Children's Village this carnival season. The highlight was on Saturday, when we celebrated with a large group in the local [...]
February 25, 2017

Triumph of the UmF

Okay, my costume has been better, but at least I could be seen. Now you don't have to imagine the "gala session" at the children's village in Schwalmtal as [...]
February 24, 2017

Carnival at Kido

Well, great! It's really stupid... Tomorrow is the big carnival gala session in the children's village. In the auditorium there are several niches, and in each niche sit [...]
February 10, 2016

What do you really need?

For the carnivalists, today, Ash Wednesday, "everything" is over. But something also begins: the Lenten season. This year I'm really looking forward to it. I [...]
February 6, 2016

Just ask... after the carnival!

Ask the sister, part 22: "I know marriages that have broken up over flings during carnival. How is it with you Catholics: is carnival [...]
February 16, 2015

The crocodile and the witch

The little crocodile next to me is fascinated by my magic wand: "What's it made of?" he wants to know. We are standing together with a lion, a polar bear, an elephant [...]