May 26, 2022

More dead than alive?

The motto of the Katholikentag is "Sharing life" - but many people today experience the church as dead rather than alive. This gave us the idea of sharing our [...]
May 24, 2018

Review Katholikentag 3: behind the scenes

Oh man, now it is high time: my habit from the Catholic Day must finally in the laundry. He looks really forbidden, witness the many activities, [...]
May 14, 2018

Review Katholikentag 2: Peace brings joy

I have a colleague who is tattooed. Really tattooed. He has two huge tattoos on his arms and another tiny one - but also clearly visible. [...]
May 13, 2018

Review Katholikentag 1: Podium

Now we're back home, and I'm reviewing the last 3 1/2 days... Unfortunately I didn't get much of the discussions and panels [...]
May 7, 2018

Anticipation for Münster

Well, are you also looking forward to the Katholikentag in Münster? I must confess that it still feels far away for me, because right now it [...].
June 3, 2016

Katholikentag: together and private

The great variety of the Katholikentage is always impressive for me - and at the same time reason for quiet moaning and complaining: so many attractive offers that you [...]
June 2, 2016

Catholic Day: spiritual

The day before yesterday I wrote about the atmosphere and the encounters at the Katholikentag. But of course we didn't just go to Leipzig to chat. We were [...]
May 31, 2016

Katholikentag: materialistic and idealistic

Catholic Days are colorful. No matter what the topics are, no matter how big or small the meeting is, whether the weather is cooperating or not - ever since I started this [...]
May 24, 2016

Katholikentag: Here we go!

Tomorrow we will start: we will go to the Katholikentag in Leipzig! Some have already driven up today, others can join us later, in total we are 15 sisters [...].