February 23, 2021

Catholic-Left Mainstream

I don't normally whine about the left-wing mainstream, and I'm not doing so now. But I have to wonder, yes, wonder a little. There was [...]
May 18, 2016

Just ask... about the goodness

Ask the Sister, Part 25: What is a good person from a Catholic point of view? The starting point for this question was a sentence by Peter Rosegger, which I [...]
February 6, 2016

Just ask... after the carnival!

Ask the sister, part 22: "I know marriages that have broken up over flings during carnival. How is it with you Catholics: is carnival [...]
January 6, 2016

Just ask... about the catechism!

Ask the sister, part 20: The catechism is totally boring - isn't it completely outdated? And why should the church doctrine for [...]
May 19, 2015

First Communion in the Children's Village

The other day we had a really special celebration in the Children's Village: Jenni* had decided to become Catholic. This happens quite often with us. Children and [...]
January 16, 2015

Catholics and Muslims

Enough! I mean: it really is enough. Before someone accuses me of being naive again: Yes, I was aware of what happened in Paris. And in [...]