February 2, 2023


Today is Candlemas - at least that's what it's called in the vernacular. Ecclesiastically it is actually called "Presentation of the Lord". We are celebrating something that happened far before [...]
December 23 2015

Your light comes - December 23

I love these last days before Christmas, when in all churches and chapels the nativity scenes are built. In some places they are already finished, but in [...]
December 22, 2015

Your light comes - December 22

In the prophet Isaiah, the image of light seems closely linked to justice. Here it is about the city of Jerusalem, expression of the longing for the reign of peace [...].
December 21, 2015

Your light comes - December 21

Yesterday I quoted the prophet Isaiah. He does not only speak of the root of Jesse, he finds quite other images for the time of salvation [...]
19 December 2015

Your light comes - December 19

While praying, I look at a candle. It flickers in the breeze. How often I am just as restless, every little breeze upsets me! [...]
December 18, 2015

Your light comes - December 18

There can be not only big lights. The big ones shine far away, but the small ones warm. Karl Heinrich Waggerl Why do we cover the dark season [...]
December 17, 2015

Your light comes - December 17

Maranatha - come, Lord Jesus! This is how the first Christians prayed, who were still living in the near expectation. They believed that Jesus would come again to complete the world [...].
December 16, 2015

Your light comes - December 16

There are candles in front of an image of a saint in a church. People come in from the street, light a candle, pause for a moment - and leave. Why? [...]
December 15, 2015

Your light comes - December 15

When Jesus spoke to them another time, he said: I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will not walk in darkness, but [...].