December 24 2021

December 24: Light of the world

In that region shepherds were camped in the open field, keeping vigil with their flock. Then the angel of the Lord came to them, and the splendor of [...]
December 23 2021

December 23: Sparks of divine light

God is the light that illuminates the darkness, even though He does not dissolve it. We all carry a spark of divine light within us. Pope Francis Image: [...]
December 22, 2021

December 22: Morning star

For God's promises shine like a light in the darkness until the day dawns and the rising morning star shines in your hearts... 2 Peter 1:19 [...]
December 21, 2021

December 21: silver light

Often we want to be like the sun for someone. But why don't we do it like the moon? And reflect the light of God like [...].
December 20, 2021

December 20: Source of life

God, how delicious is your mercy! Men shelter in the shade of your wings, they feast on the riches of your house; you water them with the [...]
19 December 2021

December 19: Fourth Advent

A rice grows out of the stump of Jesse's tree, a young shoot from its roots bears fruit. Isaiah 11, 1 The prophet Isaiah announces a prince of peace, [...].
December 18, 2021

December 18: Impatience

In our parish church, all four candles were already lit in the second week of Advent. I suspect that this happened at the family Mass, when the children light [...]
December 17, 2021

December 17: Bridges

Your word is a lamp to my foot, a light to my paths. Psalm 119, 105 The light that illuminates the bridge also overcomes the dividing current [...]
December 16, 2021

December 16: Light like a dress

Praise the Lord, my soul! Lord, my God, how great you are! You are clothed with majesty and splendor. You wrap yourself in light as in [...].