April 15, 2022
Good Friday in the family service

Good Friday elementary

This year I celebrated Good Friday again twice: at 11:00 with children and at 15:00 classic. In direct comparison it becomes abundantly clear to me why [...]
August 16, 2019

Magnificat II: Liberated?

Yesterday I wrote here about the Magnificat, the "Decalogue of Mary". It made it clear to me anew how much Christianity is a religion of [...].
April 24, 2019

Double Easter

As I told you yesterday, during the Easter Vigil I had to decide whether to join in the celebration in the Children's Village or in the parish. This is not [...]
March 7, 2018

Laetare: brings color to the penitential season

"Are you wearing pink on Sunday? Or purple?" Our chaplain looks at me questioningly: What is she up to now? "I have to write the preface for the [...]
February 16, 2017

General Chapter: Sister votes

"Who accepts this article? Who is against it? Who abstains?" I don't know how many times I heard those words today! Honestly? It [...]
January 11, 2016

End of the Christmas season

Yesterday we celebrated the feast of the Baptism of the Lord. There we commemorate the baptism of Jesus by John in the Jordan River, and with this feast also ends the [...]
January 13, 2015

Just ask... after the council!

Today's question ("Ask the sister", part 5) comes from a young woman, concerns one of my favorite topics and is a real challenge for me: [...]