December 24 2017

Dominican Advent 24

When people love each other dearly, they tend to exchange their clothes with each other. God took on our garment so that He might be truly, actually and essentially human [...].
December 10, 2017

Dominican Advent 10

Always the most important hour is the present one. Always the most important person is the one facing you right now. Always the most important deed is love. Master [...]
December 9, 2017

Dominican Advent 9

Therein lies a great evil, that man places God at a distance; for whether man is at a distance or close [...]
December 8, 2017

Dominican Advent 8

Truly happy is only he who possesses nothing that he could lose. Meister Eckhart (ca. 1260-1329) quoted from Fr. Gerfried Bramlage: "Dominikanische Wegbegleitung", 1993