September 2, 2022
Money worries because of coffee-to-go?

Money worries

This morning on the radio, a student was asked about her money worries. Everything is getting more expensive, and the state only partially compensates. Some groups of the population are affected [...]
March 15, 2020

Corona: a virus sucks!

To be honest, the Corona virus is starting to get on my nerves. In the meantime it has become omnipresent, so to speak, and even when I'm busy with completely different things, it suddenly pushes [...]
December 11, 2016

Advent tour with joy

Today is "Gaudete" Sunday. Gaudete: "Rejoice"! The reading text is a passage from the prophet Isaiah (chapter 35:1-10): The wilderness and the dry land shall [...]
June 28, 2016

Also a compliment

The other day I was once again longer on the train. And as always, when I spend a lot of time at stations and because of the length of the trip [...]
December 1, 2015

Your light comes - December 1

It is so dark! Wherever I look there is nothing but misery, need, despair, horror, injustice... What shall I do? What should I do against the war in [...]