November 22, 2019

Foundation of a new lay community

In the spirit of St. Dominic and Blessed Father Lataste, we wish to form community, to meet for prayer, sharing and common study, so as to [...]
July 14, 2018

Just ask... about evil

After a long break, we continue one of our series: Ask the sister, part 31: Would you give yourself to a fundamentally evil person [...]
December 6, 2017

Dominican Advent 6

Continuation from yesterday: Whoever you are, righteous or sinners, you see that nothing is easier than going heavenward. God does not require you to be rich [...]
December 5, 2017

Dominican Advent 5

Continuation from yesterday: Charity covers many past sins. It does not stop there: with the forgiveness of all our sins, it obtains for us unique graces, inexpressible tenderness. [...]
December 4, 2017

Dominican Advent 4

Continuation from yesterday: To be loved, this is the supreme will of God, this is the great commandment that sums up and embraces all the others. "Love the Lord, your [...]
December 3, 2017

Dominican Advent 3

Continuation from yesterday: The victory prize is not for the one who never fell, but for the one who ran the farthest. In this way [...] you could [...].
December 2, 2017

Dominican Advent 2

Father Jean Joseph Lataste gave several days of reflection in a women's prison in Cadillac from 1864 to 1866, and it was there that he received the inspiration for the founding of the Dominican Sisters [...].
August 26, 2016

150 years: arrived in the Order

The Dominican Sisters of Bethany are a small community. Downright tiny. "Small, but mighty!" comes to mind, or "quality instead of quantity" - and there is even [...]
August 19, 2016

150 years - cemetery with curiosities

There are two curiosities in the cemetery of our French sisters. One is that the central grave is empty. The three gravediggers that you walk towards are from [...].