May 2, 2019

sister on the way

Today I was once again on the road in public. First by bike 10 minutes to the stop, then 30 minutes streetcar, 15 minutes walk. After three hours [...]
February 6, 2017

General Chapter: Sister packs up

Great events cast their shadows ahead. And so some of our sisters are busy with preparations at the moment, because on Wednesday our General Chapter begins. Such a [...]
October 14, 2016

Sister on train

Ui, was that early this morning. With the bus at 5:24 I had to go, so at 5:15 out of the house, as I may otherwise [...]
October 13, 2016

Sister packs

I pack my suitcase and take with me... Did you also like to play this? I still like to travel and pack, but nowadays mostly with a backpack, [...]