September 4, 2017

Prayer for our earth

Sr. Martha says a prayer for creation - and also explains right away why nature is so important to her, how and where she experiences God [...].
May 8, 2017

Sister is stunned

Today I got excited. Well, let's rather say - I was absolutely stunned. I was traveling by train and had lunch in a [...]
July 18, 2016

Just ask... about the chaos!

Ask the Sister, Part 27: Who Created Chaos? I was asked this question some time ago. At that time, I had been talking about [...]
February 29, 2016

I need... Community

The third week of fasting has begun, and again we move up a level in Maslow's pyramid of needs: once a person is reasonably full, rested, and safe, [...]
August 3, 2015

Just ask... about nature!

Ask the sister, part 14: Isn't nature cruel? The occasion for this question was the poor lion Cecil, about whom so much [...]
April 24, 2015


Sometimes our life is a hamster wheel: get up, work, household, sleep - until the weekend. Until vacation. Until retirement. And if it rains on the weekend? [...]
February 6, 2015

Just ask... about the crown of creation!

"Ask the Sister," Part 8: What is "the crown of creation"? To say it right away: the term is not biblical. To be on the safe side, [...]