February 21, 2021


Behind our houses the snowdrops are blooming - and every year, when the time comes, I have to think of Sr. Wendeline. Because our snowdrops bloom in large [...]
September 25, 2020


Yesterday I asked a fellow sister, "Can I read you my First Communion catechesis for a minute? I just finished." She agreed, and I got started, still [...]
August 9, 2019

For heaven's sake: Media?

"Will you watch 'For the Love of God' with us? After having it live all day, now we need the screen version!" So moaned one of our novices once. [...]
July 14, 2018

Just ask... about evil

After a long break, we continue one of our series: Ask the sister, part 31: Would you give yourself to a fundamentally evil person [...]
June 26, 2018

Vamos - let's go!

Our Children's Village goes on pilgrimage. Do you want to experience what life is like as a religious sister and/or children's village mother? Then come along! more info: offers-eltville-erbach
November 27, 2017

Just ask... about Advent!

Ask the sister, part 30: "Is it Advent already?" On the net, this question pops up again and again, all too understandable, especially since today is already [...]
May 22, 2017

Ask... about the world

Recently, I was asked by students of a Catholic high school regarding my religious life, "Don't you think it's unworldly to distance yourself from natural society like that?" [...]
February 24, 2017

Carnival at Kido

Well, great! It's really stupid... Tomorrow is the big carnival gala session in the children's village. In the auditorium there are several niches, and in each niche sit [...]
October 13, 2016

Sister packs

I pack my suitcase and take with me... Did you also like to play this? I still like to travel and pack, but nowadays mostly with a backpack, [...]