January 9, 2020

Stumbled in

Oh dear, now the new year is almost worn out - and I still haven't written anything about it. No greetings, no pious wishes, no fancy picture... [...]
December 27, 2017

New Year's Eve at Bethany

"Walk under grace" Looking back with gratitude on the past, giving up what still burdens and blessing the new: this is how we want to be with God and with you [...]
January 4, 2017


Yesterday, a teenager from our Children's Village, let's call her Cindy, came and said to me, upset, "They have to finally decide what they want!" [...]
December 31, 2016

All new

And another new year. Do you also have good resolutions? I do. Every year a little less, so I'm sure I'll keep them this time. Often it works [...]