December 18, 2017

Dominican Advent 18

The purpose of our studies is not merely to disseminate information, but to realize the birth of Christ in our world. Our studies are not so [...]
December 17, 2017

Dominican Advent 17

Our study, attention to the Word of God, should release the sources of our fruitfulness in bringing Christ into our world. In the midst of a world that often [...]
August 26, 2016

150 years: arrived in the Order

The Dominican Sisters of Bethany are a small community. Downright tiny. "Small, but mighty!" comes to mind, or "quality instead of quantity" - and there is even [...]
February 28, 2016

Normal religious life

At the moment I am at a conference, the Symposium for Religious Theology in Vallendar. About 140 brothers and sisters from the most diverse communities are meeting - for lectures, [...]